Family-owned and operated businesses have unique needs. Since its founding
in 1955, The Curchin Group has partnered and grown with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and
even 4th generation family enterprises.

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Infographic: Top Family Business Statistics You Need to Know

Information graphics, aka “infographics,” are used to visually present statistical information in a compelling and easy-to-understand manner.  For family businesses, infographics are useful primarily for the overall impact they may have – especially if they encourage the pursuit of further … READ MORE

Why All Family Businesses Should Start Succession Planning Today

Succession planning is likely the most common topic presented by family business advisors and other experts, but for good reason. It is something every family business should do, yet less than 70% of them make it to the second generation, in part due to lack of a plan. Succession planning may seem overwhelming and too large and complex to approach. However, there are steps your family business can take today with many reasons as to why this shouldn’t be put off any longer. READ MORE

How Key Advisors Can Work Together to Benefit the Family Business

If your family business has achieved any measure of success, you already know that it couldn’t be accomplished without the assistance of one or more trusted business advisors, such as an attorney or a CPA. To ensure continued success for the next generation and beyond, your key advisors should be called upon to work together to help you tackle upcoming challenges. READ MORE

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