Family-owned and operated businesses have unique needs. Since its founding
in 1955, The Curchin Group has partnered and grown with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and
even 4th generation family enterprises.

Category : Family Business Advisory

How Key Advisors Can Work Together to Benefit the Family Business

If your family business has achieved any measure of success, you already know that it couldn’t be accomplished without the assistance of one or more trusted business advisors, such as an attorney or a CPA. To ensure continued success for the next generation and beyond, your key advisors should be called upon to work together to help you tackle upcoming challenges. READ MORE

Five Common Causes of Family Business Feuding and How to Avoid Them

It would be unrealistic to expect all family members to agree on all actions of the family business or of each other, but it is within reason to learn how to keep family disputes to a minimum and avoid planting some of those landmines in the first place. READ MORE

Five Reasons You May Need a Family Business Advisor

Family business experts say the most common reason for failure is the lack of family business succession planning, though there are a host of other issues and situations which require careful attention and due diligence to maintain a healthy and successful organization over the long-term. As a busy family business owner, how can you run your company and ensure that it will survive and thrive? This requires long hours and hard work, so it may be time to consider hiring a family business advisor. READ MORE

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